Hi, I'm Timo!

I'm a bass player (mostly upright, some electric) in Bordeaux, France. The main goal of this website is to post bass transcriptions I made. I make transcriptions for several reasons: I'm convinced that it's hands down the best way to learn how to play. Steal from the best. Transcribing is standard practice for jazz players. (Read Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon for a contemporary approach.) I play bass for a living, so now and then, when there are no charts, I have to make them myself.

John Deacon: Killer Queen

John Deacon's bass part on Killer Queen (Queen, Sheer Heart Attack, 1974) I don't remember why I transcribed this… I probably had to play it. Transcription: John Deacon - Killer Queen Direct link to transcription: John-Deacon-Killer-Queen.pdf